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Dr. Mikovits Exposes Corruption: Conspiracy vs. PsyOps

Updated: May 25, 2020

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"It's funny how freedom of speech goes out the window in a desperate attempt to hide the truth."

I recently posted a video on Facebook with the testimony of a long-silenced whistleblower, Dr. Judy Mikovits. This video was removed within 24 hours of its release from most social media platforms for a “violation of community standards,” which I find surprising considering all the filth that flies from these platforms. Since then, I have seen an amazing number of social media posts and articles that were dispatched to immediately debunk everything said in the video, instead of giving people a chance to investigate and to learn the truth for themselves, social media has decided to remove the video completely and tell everyone what they want them to know and believe.

It is only my speculation that Dr. Mikovits’ claims were strategically not addressed by government sources nor Dr. Fauci because this would not be favorable later down the road. All the rebuttal posts have come from people who are intricately connected to facilities heavily associated with Dr. Fauci. The amount of blind belief in whatever the majority says without investigating and researching is earth-shattering. A fascinating Facebook post by Dr. Kathleen Weber Montgomery gave an extensive list of sources with the intent to completely disprove Dr. Mikovits' claims.

This article is part 1 of a 5-part series in researching each of Montgomery’s points of rebuttal to Dr. Mikovits. I would like to thank Dr. Montgomery for the information that she has given us to focus on our studies. We will see how far I am able to get with this search before I am also silenced….

I would have more respect for Montgomery’s arguments to discredit Dr. Mikovits if the majority of her listed sources were not from NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), a branch of NIH (National Institutes of Health). It does not take much digging into the container that houses Montgomery’s most used source. NIH happens to give a tremendous number of accolades for Dr. Fauci's accomplishments with this organization. Just to quote a few:

  • "NIH that he completed his training in infectious diseases and in allergy/immunology and began his long, close clinical research partnership and friendship with Wolff....”

  • “Tony Fauci returned to NIH in July 1971 as a Senior Investigator in the Laboratory of Clinical Investigation and rapidly passed his clinical board examinations in internal medicine, infectious diseases, and allergy/immunology, with top scores....”

  • “Over the years, 108 fellows joined Dr. Fauci’s laboratory and have become members of his academic family. Many have become outstanding clinical investigators in their own right, and 7 have become members of the AAP."

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For the purposes of unbiased research, it would perhaps be beneficial to consider the container of her sources and use some that do not show any bias concerning either party's work or possible advantage in discrediting their dissenters. Considering all of the information that has been put out thus far, a great job has been done in giving us more to consider, but I would encourage everyone to look into things that seem to be so easily dismissed. Considering Montgomery’s primary source for rebuttal, I would not consider it to be a viable, unbiased source, and only someone with heavy ties to several organizations connected to Dr. Fauci used to disseminate propaganda. Below are my thoughts on her rebuttals to Dr. Mikovits'


Montgomery quotes Dr. Mikovits who stated, “There is no vaccine for any RNA virus that works." Rebuttal- Incorrect: Polio, hepatitis A, measles, to name a few. (Source:

When you make the mistake of stating generalizations, there will likely be some untruths that people will cling to in order to discredit everything else that a person says. This was a poor choice of words for Dr. Mikovits, whether it was intentional or not, this frequently puts the people who generalize in a bad light and easily disproven. Let us examine Montgomery’s rebuttal to Dr. Mikovits statement… Montgomery is correct that there are vaccines for RNA viruses that have been effective (Polio, Hepatitis A/B, Measles, etc.). Montgomery listed a source article that was geared toward medical professionals and scientists in her statement addressing the public on Facebook, to disprove a poor choice of words that could have been disproven by anyone paying attention. That is just what happens when you use generalizations, they are inherently inaccurate most of the time (wink). This is a clever distraction, but not enough to discredit Dr. Mikovits' testimony entirely. Even more suspicious, so many platforms have completely removed all videos for “a violation of community standards.” This should make everyone question even more why so much effort has been made to completely silence this doctor and immediately dispatch propaganda rats to make whistleblowers look insane, and those who listen are blasted as “stupid and unintelligent conspiracy theorists” as stated in many of the comments to Montgomery’s post.

There is much more information to look into. In the next article, we will examine more rebuttal statements along with the sources provided in an attempt to find the truth. I will try and cover as much information as I can before this series “mysteriously disappears.” I would certainly consider the information that is so quickly removed. I will be diving into Dr. Mikovits' book, Plague of Corruption, in an attempt to find exactly what are they trying to hide. It's funny how freedom of speech goes out the window in a desperate attempt to hide the truth. Why work so hard to hide and silence this information if it is “false” as so many have claimed? I will not deny that Dr. Mikovits has a tough road ahead of her. If the government has used its power to cover how she was treated, as she states, then she has to fight her way through what was documented on paper. This is certainly not the first whistleblower to have these experiences as we all know. In case you did not see the video, I have attached it below.

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