Dr. Mikovits Exposes Corruption Part 2: The Attack on Whistleblowers

Updated: May 25, 2020

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Dr. Judy Mikovits has made some bombshell statements in her viral videos that expose Dr. Anthony Fauci and her treatment after “disagreements” with medical research. Below, is a list of statements that Dr. Mikovits shared in her videos about her legal trouble and being wrongfully jailed. Please note, that if Dr. Mikovits is a true whistleblower, then we know she has an uphill battle ahead of her to prove what they have documented on paper and her records to be false.

  • I was arrested for revealing the truth about vaccines.

  • I was under a gag order for 5 years, threatening me with fines to speak the truth.

  • I was not able to bring 97 witnesses to testify on my behalf.

  • I was held in jail with no charges, labeled a fugitive of justice, no warrant, dragged me out of the house, searched my house without a warrant.

  • They were looking for information which they claimed I had and when they did not find it they planted it in my house.

  • I can prove without a shadow of a doubt that I was innocent.

  • Heads of the NIH, FBI were in collusion against me.

This list is not an unusual problem for whistleblowers to have. Whistleblowers often experience job loss, being the target of corporate stalking and harassment efforts, legal problems, being wrongfully jailed, financially ruined, destroyed reputations, and even involuntary commissions to psychiatric facilities in desperate attempts for corporations to silence and discredit their dissenters. If the media and other agencies genuinely believed that Dr. Mikovits videos were all lies, then why remove them and make petty attempts to attack what is left of this women’s reputation, as if the media has never been caught telling bold-faced, blatant lies. These lying, instigators in the media have not been completely silenced and treated like they are insane. We can still find the media clips of lies everywhere. If Dr. Mikovits is lying, as so many have stated, then why try to hide/bury everything this woman is saying?!

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How many whistleblowers were actually believed and treated like a diligent, concerned citizen for exposing crime and corruption for the safety of the public? How about Eric Snowden? Kevin Schiff? Stefan P. Kruszewski? How about whistleblowers who are no longer alive to be able to tell their story? Deborah Layton, a Jonestown survivor, escaped and returned to America to warn the government about the Jonestown massacre six months before it happened. SIX MONTHS! Many were skeptical of Layton. There are laws that exist to protect whistleblowers, but they fall short constantly. It is a known fact with the practice of most corporations, whether they admit it or not, that if you have a “troublemaker” to get rid of, start a paper trail early. That way, we can get rid of this person if we need to, “for just cause.” It does not take much research into the stories of a few whistleblowers to learn how many of these brave souls had legal documents that were produced to label them all liars and conspiracy theorists.

Once we sift through all the propaganda that has been disseminated to debunk Dr. Mikovits' claims, we will look at a synopsis of her book, Plague of Corruption, which I recommend everyone to read for yourselves. In this day and age, we cannot afford to blindly believe everything being said to the public without searching for the truth for ourselves. Anyone who does not agree with the masses, even against things that this person knows to be true, seems to be outcasted.

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