House of Prayer EXPOSED: To The Ft. Hood Fallen 2

(HOPCC refers to all House of Prayer/Assembly of Prayer facilities)


The purpose of this affidavit is to inform the public of my knowledge concerning the suspected crimes of fraud, soldier/veteran exploitation, and multiple forms of abuse occurring at HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCHES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED aka ASSEMBLY OF PRAYER aka THE PLACE OF HELP.

The following information is concerning House of Prayer Bible Seminary/College that has fraudulently attained government funding through falsified documents and staged inspections and is engaged in defrauding US military veterans to receive this government funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill Program. Some veterans have attended this school for more than 5 years until their GI Bills are completely exhausted, leaving them with no certificate or degree to show for their time in school.


  • All HOUSE/ASSEMBLY OF PRAYER BIBLE SEMINARIES are unaccredited educational institutions, and all campuses are controlled by leader RONY DENIS, who does not appear in any documentation relating to the business of the school. The certifying officials for the school are documented with the Department of Veterans Affairs as Cesar Vargas, Omar Garcia, and Marcus Labat, who all work under the immediate direction of Rony Denis.

  • They have 5 campuses at Killeen TX, Tacoma WA, Fayetteville NC, Augusta/Hephzibah GA, Hinesville GA, with a total of 164 veteran students currently enrolled. This school was approved around 2014-2015 to receive GI Bill benefits (government funding) from the DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS for veterans to attend this school.

  • HOUSE OF PRAYER BIBLE SEMINARY currently receives $24,477 in tuition per veteran annually. With 164 total veterans enrolled in all five campuses, HOUSE OF PRAYER receives $4,014,228 annually just from veteran education benefits as shown in the pictures below taken from the VA GI Bill Comparison Tool.

  • With $4,014,228 that HOUSE OF PRAYER BIBLE SEMINARY receives from the DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS fraudulently and the millions of dollars that are earned through the fraudulent practices of House of Prayer’s affiliated real estate subsidiaries, it seems they have found a way to skirt around VA regulations. It also appears that very little of this income is put into a better education program.

  • HOUSE OF PRAYER CHRISTIAN CHURCHES publicizes missionary trips to many countries around the world (Source:, but the church missions act as a cover-up, which allows this organization to maintain suspected criminal fraud operations with truly little accountability to the government. This organization was founded and has been operating since 2004 with multiple forms of suspected religious racketeering.

Ex-member Recalls Abuse

Interview of a young girl describing the abuse she experienced in HOPCC.

Fox News Clip: Child Protective Service Employee fired

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