Hope Still Lives Here

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

It is easy to make comparisons between the current state of our society and the ongoing narrative of Christianity being pushed out of the public square. Society has thrown out many of the Christian values which have woven the very fabric of humanity and decided to set up shop selling cheaply crafted morals. This has bled society dry of its heart. Crime is high, terrorism is rampant, suicide is normal, and murder doesn't phase us anymore. It is not even a surprise now that people who claim to be "messengers of God," are capable of causing so much pain and despair in the lives of other human beings without even feeling bad about it. Christians who spend time in the Bible will tell you that these are signs of the times. Even those who aren't Christian would agree that the future looks grim and seemingly hopeless.

It is essential, now more than ever, that we let society know that there is a large global remnant of Jesus followers, with knowledge of societies founding values, a strong passion to ensure they are never forgotten, and a desire to believe for more in the future. More compassion, more humility, more kindness, more love, more hope and more of Jesus in society.

Being followers of Christ may push us to the edge, but we don't have to be pushed out. Sure we may be in unusual and unique situations, feeling pinned in by pressures to conform. In even tougher circumstances, those pressures to conform are coming from people who once claimed to be followers of Jesus, but have surrendered to the pressure to bow their knee to idols. The Bible repeatedly warns us of false prophets that will deceive many, especially if you do not have a love for the Truth. Sure the costs associated with faith may rise, but this should not stop us from believing, sharing, and declaring that HOPE IS WELL AND TRULY ALIVE. In fact, our unwavering trust in Jesus, despite odds and severe opposition will itself declare loudly to a hopeless world that "Hope Still Lives Here!"

John 8:12 reminds us that when we walk in the light of Jesus, that we ourselves will carry that life-giving light (the hope that others see). Let's be beacons of love and safe havens of hospitality in a world completely void of true love and hospitality. This may seem naive and unrealistic, especially if you have experienced being mocked daily by people who say that they are Christians. You are not alone in this battle as I have just come home from walking my dog as mockers passed us by to write this blog.

Let us always remember that we are one in the Spirit, and "they will know that we are Christians by our love. "Let's be the rare smiles, meaningful conversations and long hugs to those used to angry faces, shallow conversation, and cold shoulders. Let's continue to live on mission and do all we can to show the world that hope still lives here, and His name is Jesus!

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